Reading Until Dawn: The Blog is intended to work in conjunction with Reading Until Dawn, the online, open access literary anthology dedicated to exploring the culturally charged atmosphere in and created by Stephenie Meyer’s work and from which her work has inevitably grown. The anthology offers critical readings of Meyer, her texts, and her cultural ties (especially to Mormonism) in hopes that this dynamic interpretive community might add a distinctive, at times disruptive, at times clarifying, voice to the atmosphere of obsession rising from our collective reaction to her vividly persistent dream.

This blog is also meant to provide a more informal forum in which general questions about the anthology can be asked and answered and through which I can solicit feedback, provide updates through posts and an RSS feed, take care of any housekeeping that needs to be done, and generally promote the anthology made possible by your work. Many online magazines/journals use blogs in this way, so I thought I’d give it a whirl, too. We’ll see how it turns out.

Feel free to click your way around, link to us, and trackback frequently!

A couple of weeks ago, I read a paper at the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (RMMLA) Convention at Snowbird, Utah (a rundown of my experience at the AML session will come in a later post that I’ve got halfway worked up; yes, I’ve been lazy—so sue me) and over the weekend I did some revising to incorporate some of the feedback I received and posted it on Reading Until Dawn. “Toward a Mormon Gothic: Stephenie Meyer’s Vampires and a Theology of the Uncanny” takes its place in the blossoming field of Twilight studies beside RUD’s inaugural essay, Theric Jepson’s “Saturday’s Werewolf: Vestiges of the Premortal Romance in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Novels.” Link over and have a read. That’s what all the cool kids are doing (or so they tell me).

While you’re there, you might also notice that I’ve made some subtle changes to the site design (I’ve tweaked the header) and that I’ve updated the articles. The inconsistent layout was bugging me, so I took down the HTMLs until I can get them to look how I want them to look, reworked my document template slightly, and incorporated the new MLA citation standards into the notes. Hopefully this gives the collection a more consistent and professional feel.

Also: though I’ve published “Toward a Mormon Gothic” on RUD, I’m still open to feedback. So if, while you’re reading, you notice a typo or some such faux pas or notice that I’ve missed something you deem vitally important to the conversation, either email me or comment here. That or work up your own essay and submit it for publication. I promise I won’t complain.

RUD’s Lone (Were)wolf

April 1, 2009

I’ve just posted Reading Until Dawn‘s first essay, “Saturday’s Werewolf: Vestiges of the Premortal Romance in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Novels,” by Eric W Jepson (the W is silent). Here’s the abstract:

“Saturday’s Werewolf explores Twilight in terms of the supernatural literature of the Latter-day Saints, specifically as the series links to the premortal romance narrative mode, as exemplified in Nephi Anderson’s Added Upon (1898) and Douglas Stewart’s popular musical Saturday’s Warrior (1989).”

It’s an entertaining and insightful read. Come take a look.

And don’t be scared: RUD’s lone (were)wolf doesn’t bite. But it just might inspire you to submit.

New Links

January 16, 2009

I’ve just added some new links to the Webliography page. I’m planning to update the list once a week, so check back occasionally to see what new resources I’ve added.

Journal Policies

January 9, 2009

I’ve put together the policies scattered throughout these posts on the Journal Policies page. So you can go there now for a one stop Reading Until Dawn policy read.

Also, there are some new Webliography links.

The near-future edition of Sunstone in question will be the June issue, so Stephen will need essay drafts by at least April (which means I’d like them sooner, just FYI).

I’ve just posted some links on the Webliography page, which I need your help with. Check it out (in the sidebar) and see what you might be able to offer.

I’ve also just been in contact with Stephen Carter, editor of Sunstone Magazine, who offered to publish a few of the best Reading Until Dawn essays in a near-future edition of Sunstone.

So with that exciting tidbit looming over our heads, I think I’m going to go work on my essay…

More Changes

January 7, 2009

More change #1: Last night, as I reconsidered my original vision for Reading Until Dawn, I realized that my thoughts on the project have been bogged down by semantics. When I originally conceived the idea, it was an open-ended anthology of essays; as I started building it, however, it slowly evolved into a journal. The only problem with this was that I still had in mind “anthology” in the sense that, rather than being a revolving entity published twice or more per year (what I’d call a “journal”), it could act as an expansive collection of essay variations on the theme of Stephenie Meyer. As such, it would be a gathering that could be added to over time as essays were submitted and accepted, without the limitation of issue deadlines and in which my editorial requirements would be fairly minimal, consisting (among a few other things) of one general introduction (rather than one per issue) and working with individual essays as they trickle in. Read the rest of this entry »


January 6, 2009

In an effort to get Reading Until Dawn off the ground, I’ve made the following changes to the journal’s logistics:

1) Contrary to what I’ve posted on the site, we won’t be closing the first issue of the journal (“The Persistence of Stephenie Meyer”) on January 15 (as originally planned). Because this is the inaugural issue and, as such, we’re wading together through uncharted waters in terms of software (Open Journal Systems) and content (don’t know of any other journals out there—print or otherwise—dedicated solely to Stephenie Meyer), right now, one of two things will happen: Read the rest of this entry »